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The Top 3 Considerations You Need to Make Before a Garage Door Replacement

Nearly every home has an electric garage door these days. It’s hardly surprising to hear that most home buyers — about 53% — prefer homes with two-car garages, while another 20% of people looking to buy a home want a three-car garage or larger.

However, no garage door will last forever; whether the garage door opens […]

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3 Must-Read Ways to Make Your Garage Ready for Yard Sale Season

Across the country, summer is peak season for garage sales and yard sales — and there’s a good chance you’re hoping to get rid of some household clutter by holding one of these sales, as well.

But did you know that the way your garage looks could actually have a negative impact on whether or not […]

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The 3 Most Essential Garage Maintenance Tips You’ll Ever Read

Garages are one of the most in-demand home features today. In fact, 53% of home buyers today say they want a home with a two-car garage, and another 20% want a garage that can hold three or more vehicles.

However, while we drive in and out of our garages on a daily basis, many of us […]

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Could Your Garage Door Be Trying to Tell You Something?

For almost all homeowners, having a garage is one of the most sought-after home features.

In fact, 53% of today’s home buyers say they want a home with a two-car garage — and 20% more want a three-car garage or larger. As a result, homes with a regular-sized garage are typically worth about 13% more than […]

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The Only Item on This 90-Year-Old’s Bucket List Will Shock You

Owning a home with a garage is one of the biggest conveniences one can have. It’s no surprise that more than half — about 53% — of home buyers say they want a two-car garage, while an additional 20% want a garage that can hold three cars or more. Currently, about 82% of homes throughout […]

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Can Your Garage Door Decor Increase the Value of Your Home?

Garages are one of the most in-demand features among home buyers looking for the perfect new home. More than half of buyers, 53%, want a two-car garage, while an amazing 20% of buyers want a three-car garage or larger.

As a result, owning a home with a garage and a working garage door opener is almost […]

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When Will Your Homeowners Insurance Cover a Garage Door Repair or Replacement?

Owning a garage with a beautiful electric garage door is one of the most popular demands of new home buyers across the country. In fact, 53% of American home buyers today look for homes with a two-car garage, while another 20% want a three-car garage or more.

But unfortunately, no garage door is completely immune to […]

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Four Tips for Making Your Garage Door Decor Both Beautiful and Practical

About 82% of all U.S. homes have a two-car garage or larger — and after this year’s long, frigid winter, these garage doors have been through a lot. Chances are, your home’s garage door is in need of a new paint job or a repair. You might even need to replace your garage door, if […]

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How to Get Your Garage Ready for Warmer Temperatures This Spring

This winter took a toll on all of us — and it also took a major, unseen toll on our garage doors. If it wasn’t the ice, snow and freezing rain that assaulted your garage door all winter long, it was likely the clutter and mess building up inside your garage itself.

That’s why, in the […]

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The Three Most Commonly-Asked Questions About Garage Door Repair

Owning a home with a garage doesn’t just add a world of convenience to your life (no more brushing the snow off your car on those cold winter mornings!) — it also adds tremendous value to your home.

In fact, one Florida State University study has shown that having a garage can make a home worth […]

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