garage door repairOwning a garage with a beautiful electric garage door is one of the most popular demands of new home buyers across the country. In fact, 53% of American home buyers today look for homes with a two-car garage, while another 20% want a three-car garage or more.

But unfortunately, no garage door is completely immune to damage — whether it’s from a vehicle, the weather or a criminal. When the cost of replacing garage doors averages at about $1,496, you will likely want to consult your homeowners insurance company to see if they’ll help you cover at least some of the cost.

How can you know whether or not your insurance company will offer financial assistance for a garage door repair or replacement? Here are the three most common causes of garage door repairs — and a guide to whether or not your homeowners insurance company will cover the cost of making these repairs:

Vehicular damage
It’s not something anyone would be proud to admit, but if you accidentally drive your car into your garage door, your homeowners insurance provider will assume the cost of the damage. However, if you accidentally hit someone else’s garage door with your vehicle, your automobile insurance will be responsible for covering the cost of a garage door repair.

Natural disaster, extreme weather or fire damage
Extreme weather events take place all across the country, and can happen unexpectedly at any time of the year. Whether it’s hail, lightning, snow, a windstorm or wildfire, your garage door will be vulnerable to these types of damage. In most cases, your homeowners insurance policy should cover the cost of repairing your garage door, but there may be some exemptions outlined in your policy. It’s important to know what types of damage will be covered, and which ones won’t.

If you think your garage has fallen victim to a burglary or vandalism, you’ll want to call the police immediately before doing anything else. This is especially true if you think the criminal may still be on your property — your safety comes before anything else! After you do this, call your insurance company’s emergency number for further instructions on what to do.

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