Garage doors are one of the most useful components of any home or place of business. Part security device, part decorative flourish, it is no wonder that the garage door is getting much attention as property owners plan improvement projects. If you are deciding on making some additions to your building, consider an overhead door. In St. Louis, MO, and the St. Charles and Chesterfield areas, contractors are helping clients get the most out of their properties and curbside appeal. Here, we’ll discuss a few key advantages of overhead and garage doors.

Key Features of Garage and Overhead Doors

A garage door is more than sheets of metal or sections of wood. Think about what you would like to do with your garage. Do you want to emphasize its utilitarian and storage role or do you want to convert it into a room or office addition? The garage door or overhead door can set the tone for how you will use this area.

When selecting a new garage door, think about the following:

Aesthetic Appeal: As such a big component to any garage, it is no wonder that garage and overhead doors take up a lot of visual real estate–people will notice what it looks like. Therefore, it pays to select a style and material for the door that will complement your exterior and surrounding landscaping well. Overhead doors can be fitted with windows, which will brighten up the interior and enhance the ambiance.

Security: Safety is a priority for many property owners. A sturdy and well-built door serves as a strong barrier against intruders and those who might do harm. With a garage door, you will reinforce your privacy and peace of mind. On top of that, many overhead door openers are equipped with remote or electronic access measures–meaning only people you trust may operate the door.

Energy Efficiency: It’s true! Your door can influence the insulation properties of your building. If you are planning to convert your garage into a room addition or office space, it may help to invest in an insulated garage door. It keeps temperatures manageable, which can save energy and allow you to save more on your HVAC and electricity costs.

When it’s time to replace your overhead door, turn to professional installers to complete your project. Ask your local garage door contractor about available services, options, and more.