garage door repairWhen planning on selling a home, before you go paying for expensive remodels and additions, you should consider the impact that some simple alterations can have on a house’s value. One factor that may surprise homeowners is how effective a garage can be when it comes to enticing interested buyers.

In fact, just the presence of a garage already provides a seller with a huge advantage over homes without a garage. A study conducted by Florida State University in 2003 found that the existence of a regular-sized garage had approximately a 13% influence on a home’s price.

Besides just the size of a garage, the aesthetics and functionality of a garage door can have an impact on a home’s value. If electric garage door motors are on the fritz or if there are worn, dented, or broken areas present, a professional garage door repair company may be required to restore it back to its former glory, and maybe even surpass it. Not only will this ensure the structural integrity of the door, but it will also cover any damaged spots.

To take things even further, some may choose to move beyond just garage door repair to a complete replacement. Buying a new door can offer the opportunity for better quality material and new designs. Overall, a new garage door can offer nearly an 84% return on investment for the homeowner.

While garage door repair and replacement can have a substantial impact on the exterior of the garage, it’s important not to underestimate the interior as well. The vast majority of potential buyers will conduct a walk through of the house, including entering the garage. Something to keep in mind is that about 70% of Americans think that a garage’s organization is a reflection on the owner.

There’s no reason to lose money on the sale of a home simply because the garage is not up to par.