garage door servicingWhen putting a home up on the market, many potential sellers believe that the best ways to improve value are alterations such as fresh paint indoors, more modern appliances, or new flooring and carpet. However, one feature that many overlook is the impact that garages can have on the sale of a house.

When home buyers drive up to view possible locations, some of the first things they will notice are the siding, roof, and garage door. For better or for worse, an initial judgement is frequently made on a potential purchase almost immediately. Because of this, the garage door can be as influential as the garage itself.

Did you know that the average garage door replacement costs $1,496? This expense is reasonable considering all of the details that go into replacing a garage door. Besides just the initial purchase, garage door servicing companies will also have to install it on the rails and in some cases even to a motor depending on the owner’s needs.

Overall, the value added to a home from a garage, newly repaired or not, can amount to a substantial chunk of change. A study conducted at Florida State University found that the existence of even a regular-sized garage had a 13% increase on the home’s value as compared to no garage at all. Hiring garage door servicing companies to perform a replacement or garage door repairs for a reasonable fee can offer a substantial return on investment.

Garage doors have such an effect on home buyers that even the cleanliness of the area can influence buyers’ decisions. An estimated 70% of Americans think that a garage’s organization reflects the personality of the owner. Between increasing the overall value while also resonating an atmosphere of organization, you can generate more interest from potential buyers.

Whether you want to fix that squeaky garage door, or replace it with any number of different types of garage doors, hiring a professional garage door servicing company can ensure that you get the most value out of your home.