garage door repairWhen’s the last time you actually parked a car in your garage? Odds are it’s been a while. Out of all homes in the United States, 82% are attached to two-car garages or larger; only 15% of these homes actually use their garages to house cars.

Unfortunately, many American homeowners have come to use their garage as more of a storage space than anything else. Who can blame them, considering it’s a wide open area where people don’t often spend a lot of time? The downfall here is the lack of upkeep that seems to spawn from storing old items and sports gear inside. Many unwittingly turn into huge closets.

While the garage sits collecting dust, it’s easy to become distracted with regular everyday tasks and ignore the giant storage container next to your house until, of course, you need to traverse all of the junk to find one specific tool. Whether you find your garage door jammed or in rough shape and making some worrisome noises, attempting to open the doors can prove to be a rude awakening. When it is time to schedule a garage door repair, many people may think it’s not worth paying around $1,500 — the average cost for garage door replacements — but with an expected return on investment of 84% for a new door, long-term it can prove to be a smart purchase.

It’s easy to become complacent in a home and not think about improvements or value; but if it ever comes time to sell, there will surely be a mad rush to compete in the real estate market. Some may immediately turn to a fresh coat of paint or a wall to wall cleaning frenzy. However, when it’s time for potential buyers to see the house, functionality can trump many aesthetics.

If buyers come in and find the garage door won’t open or has seen a lot of wear and tear, the seller will likely have just shot themselves in the foot. Garage door repair is not only liable for raising the selling price but a quality door can be a huge selling point.

When considering a replacement, there are a multitude of different types of garage doors to choose from. Between styles, colors, and building materials, finding a door that suits your house and your personality should be a breeze. A skilled garage door repair company can rejuvenate your home and make it look better than ever.