professional garage door repairFor almost all homeowners, having a garage is one of the most sought-after home features.

In fact, 53% of today’s home buyers say they want a home with a two-car garage — and 20% more want a three-car garage or larger. As a result, homes with a regular-sized garage are typically worth about 13% more than homes without one, according to one Florida State University study.

And while a garage is a fantastic investment to make, its garage door requires a certain amount of maintenance and upkeep to make your investment last for many years to come. In many cases, you’ll be able to tell when it’s time to call in a professional garage door repair — because your garage door will have its own way of telling you!

Is your garage door trying to tell you that you need a professional garage door repair? Don’t ignore the warning signs any longer — interpret your garage door’s signals and indications with this guide:

A drooping chain or belt
If your garage door’s chain or belt droops down when it’s open, it’s an indicator that the door’s main gear in its motor is either worn out or close to failing entirely. Replacing this gear and re-setting the chain is often all it takes to fix this problem. It’s much easier than waiting until the motor breaks and you need to buy a new one!

A screeching or squeaky garage door
We’ve all heard garage doors that make heinous, uncomfortably loud screeching noises when they open and close. These sounds are much more than a minor annoyance, however. A screeching garage door indicates that it is out of alignment and needs adjustment. Failing to fix this problem with a professional garage door repair can result in the garage door being ruined entirely.

Sagging springs
If your garage door’s springs are sagging, then they have lost their ability to keep your garage door functioning as it should. And if one or both of your springs break, you won’t be able to open or close your garage door anymore — which is why keeping your springs replaced regularly and in good condition is so vital.

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