professional garage door repairOwning a home with a garage is one of the biggest conveniences one can have. It’s no surprise that more than half — about 53% — of home buyers say they want a two-car garage, while an additional 20% want a garage that can hold three cars or more. Currently, about 82% of homes throughout the country have at least a two-car garage, with an endless variety of garage door decor, as a result.

But for one 90-year-old man, all he really wanted in life was to back his car through a garage door.

According to the Crystal Lake-Cary Patch, Walter Thomas, of Woodstock, IL, fulfilled the only item on his bucket list with a little help from his family.

“Every time I back out of the garage, I think about backing through the door,” Thomas said.

Thomas initially shared his wish to his granddaughter, who then asked other family members for help to make this wish a reality. Relatives made cuts in the garage door, disconnected it from its garage door opener and asked a local auto body shop to donate an SUV.

Because the SUV was on its way to the scrap yard and the garage door was set to come down for a renovation anyway, Thomas’ dream successfully became a reality.

Strapped into his seatbelt and wearing a helmet for extra protection, and at the count of three, Thomas slammed on the gas with his grandson by his side, sending the SUV crashing through the door.

“That was easy,” Thomas commented afterwards.

Looks like someone’s going to be needing a professional garage door repair in the near future.

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