garage door repairGarages are one of the most in-demand home features today. In fact, 53% of home buyers today say they want a home with a two-car garage, and another 20% want a garage that can hold three or more vehicles.

However, while we drive in and out of our garages on a daily basis, many of us forget that these spaces do need some maintenance and TLC on occasion.

Are you maintaining your garage as well as you ought to be throughout the year? With these three indispensable repair and maintenance tips, you can prevent many garage door problems before they start:

Regularly inspect your garage door
To keep your garage door functioning at its optimal level, perform a routine visual inspection of its parts. If you’ve noticed that you have a squeaky garage door or that your garage door frequently jams, you may want to seek out a garage door repair service. Trust us — when it’s the middle of winter and you have a properly-functioning garage door, you’ll be thankful you did.

Keep it clean
Once per year, be sure to hose down the floor of your garage to keep slip hazards, stains and pockmarks at bay. These can be caused by road salt, dirt and auto fluids — and they’re definitely not things you want in your garage. Organization is also key to preventing clutter and making your belongings easier to locate. Affordable shelves and drawers can often be found at any home improvement store; when 70% of people think a garage’s organization is a reflection on its owner, you can’t afford not to keep your garage a little tidier!

Be on the lookout for water damage
Did you know that your garage’s walls and foundation can be damaged by water just like the rest of your house? Twice a year, inspect your garage’s interior and its foundation to make sure there are no signs of moisture or cracks. If you do notice signs of water damage, be sure to call in a professional — waiting to fix it will cost you much more in the long run.

Have any other questions about seeking a professional garage door repair or replacing garage doors? Let us know by leaving a comment below.