garage door decorAcross the country, summer is peak season for garage sales and yard sales — and there’s a good chance you’re hoping to get rid of some household clutter by holding one of these sales, as well.

But did you know that the way your garage looks could actually have a negative impact on whether or not people will stop at your sale? An incredible 70% of Americans studied say that a garage’s organization — or lack thereof — is a reflection of its owner.

As a result, it should be one of your top priorities to make your garage look its best before holding your upcoming garage sale. When it’s all over and you’re counting all the money you made, you’ll be glad you did!

Want to keep your garage-sale guests impressed all summer long? Here are three of the best ways you can improve your garage door decor and organization to make it ready for any yard or garage sale:

Hang signs
In addition to your overall garage door decor, it’s important to hang plenty of signs that indicate where to find your garage sale. Make them large and easy to read from the road — if people can’t read it, they won’t come to your garage sale! Setting up signs around your garage sale itself can also help people know where to go to find certain items.

Keep it organized
No one wants to rummage through a pile of clutter at a yard sale. All your items should be neatly organized and arranged in clearly-defined categories. Keep toys and knickknacks contained in storage bins, arrange books on a shelf or table and hang clothes on a rack. This will make your garage sale guests’ experience much more pleasant, and they’ll be much more likely to buy something.

Consider a garage door servicing or replacement
If your garage door looks and sounds old, potential garage sale customers will likely be put off from your home. No one wants to hear a squeaky garage door while they’re shopping at a yard sale! While replacing garage doors costs approximately $1,496, you’ll make most of your investment back once you sell your house — garage doors replacements have an 84% return on investment!

Have any other tips and tricks on getting ready for garage sale season? Share with us and your fellow readers by leaving a comment below!