garage door repairThis winter took a toll on all of us — and it also took a major, unseen toll on our garage doors. If it wasn’t the ice, snow and freezing rain that assaulted your garage door all winter long, it was likely the clutter and mess building up inside your garage itself.

That’s why, in the spirit of spring cleaning, now is the best time of the year to give your garage some much-needed attention. To keep your garage door in top condition throughout the rest of the year, here are four great tips for sprucing up your garage for spring:

Get rid of clutter
It’s never a bad idea to get into the habit of de-cluttering your garage once winter ends. This is especially true if you’re hoping to put your house on the market soon — as about 70% of American home buyers say a garage’s organization and cleanliness reflects its owner! When clearing your garage of clutter, it’s a good idea to dedicate one corner to recycling bins and trash cans where you can organize and dispose of your mess easily.

Invest in storage solutions
Setting up space-efficient storage solutions is a great way to keep your garage more organized all year round. Shelving and roll-out bins are two of our favorite solutions for storage. Just be sure to label every storage bin to make access to your tools and other items quick and easy.

Beware of faulty or malfunctioning garage doors
After a winter full of frigid temperatures and non-stop snow and ice, the chances of your garage needing a garage door repair are more likely than you think. Be aware of the dangers of trying to open a faulty garage door — the cold causes its springs, screws and other parts to shrink, making the door unable to open or close properly. Rather than put yourself in danger, it’s best to just hire a garage door repair service.

Give your garage door an upgrade
Spring is the perfect time of year to invest in a garage door servicing that will spruce up this key part of your home’s exterior. A fresh paint job can give your garage door decor a beautiful new look, revitalizing it after a long, rough winter. If your door is nearing the end of its lifespan, it likely needs more than just a paint job. A professional garage door repair or replacement costs approximately $1,496 — but boasts an incredible 84% return on investment!

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